Writer and Director from Northern Ireland

Influencers Anonymous

A group of ex-social media influencers share their stories at a group counselling session.

Starring Anna Comet, David Phillips, Marnie Manning, Oliver Ritchie and Tom Tennant

DirectorRoss McClure
WriterJames Vincent
Director of PhotographyDaniel Trapp
ColoristBjorn Tobiasson
Camera AssistantOriol Castro
Sound / BTS FilmSam Margetts
Sound DesignJames Frei
WINNERBest Short Comedy Film
Static Online Film Festival 2020
WINNERBest International Actress: Marnie Manning
Prodigy Film Festival 2020
WINNERBest Screenplay
Papaya Rocks Film Festival 2021
My Rode Reel 2019
My Rode Reel 2019
NOMINATEDBest International Film
Prodigy Film Festival 2020
NOMINATEDBest International Direction & Cinematography
Prodigy Film Festival 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTIONStatic Online Film Festival 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTIONBritish Shorts 13th Lichtspielklub Berlin 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTIONLit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTIONThe Creative Alliance #IndieFilmFete3.0 July 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTIONTomorrow Unlocked Film Festival 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTIONProdigy Film Festival 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTIONNight of Comedy Shorts 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTIONPapaya Rocks Film Festival 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTIONL'Hospitalet De Llobregat International Film Festival 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTION7 Seconds International Film Festival 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTIONUnLonely Film Festival 2022

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